Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Live Bacteria

Bacometer provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of live bacteria. The core technology are (1) chaotic scattering material and structure (CSMS) which amplifies speckle signals and (2) software analysis.

Rapid monitoring of growth curve Classification of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria in 3 hours Rapid and easy antibiotic susceptibility test (MIC)

Speckle images vary based on size, internal structure and motility of bacteria. By identifying these patterns Bacometer is able to detect and monitor live bacteria for industries that require rapid and easy microbiology tests.

Rapid detection of live bacteria in 5 minutes Easy to use and interpret test results Rapid results save time and costs in production and healthcare settings Rapid results save lives for critical patients

For every production lines, it is critical to obtain microbiology test results as quickly as possible. The conventional culturing method requires 24 hours to results. Bacometer requires less than a day to detect contamination enabling rapid action to preempt contamination of further products.

Contrast to conventional methods such as culturing method or PCR, Bacometer does not require the pre-processing stage. Qualitative data can be gathered in 10 minutes which is faster than the culturing method (18~24 hours), FCM (30 minutes) and PCR (1 hour).

  • *PCR, polymerase chain reaction
  • *FCM, flow cytometry method
  • <Growth Curve of Live Bacteria>
    • * Realtime growth curve of E.coli from 10^2 CFU/ml to 10^8 CFU/ml
    • * Y-axis: higher TWT Value indicates increase of live bacteria; X-axis: time (minute)
    • * Result shows detection of 10^2 CFU/ml growth curve in 700 hours
  • <Urinalysis with artificial urine>
    • * Artificial urine infected with gram-positive
      (S.aureus, CNS) or gram-negative bacteria
      (E.coli, K.pneumoniae, P.aeruginosa, P.mirabilis)
    • * Detection of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria within 3 hours
    • * The accuracy is around 90%
  • <Antibiotic Susceptibility Test;AST>
    • * E.Coli susceptibility test to Ampicillin
    • * Y-axis: higher TWT Value indicates increase of live bacteria; X-axis: time(min)
    • * MIC obtained within 200 minutes.
    • * E.coli shows resistant to Ampicillin 0, 0.5 ug/ml
    • * E.coli shows susceptibility from Ampicillin 1 ug/ml
[Real quantitative and qualitative data]

The disposable is cost-effective, costing only 3 USD, compared to the culturing method (~2 USD), FCM (~2 USD) and PCR (5 ~10 USD).
Bacometer can be used for any microbiology tests such as during production, urinalysis or antibiotic susceptibility test(MIC).

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