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Rapid detection of micro-size contaminants



  • 2020

    • 2020.12  R&D Excellence Award for Small and Medium Business and Technical Information Promotion
    • 2020.11  Korea Water Industry Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition Award
    • 2020.11  Seoul Award Best Products
    • 2020.01  2020CES Innovation Award Honoree
  • 2019

    • 2019.11  High-Tech Bio Startup Top3 (UNIST)
    • 2019.09  Kim Yong Se Design Audition Award Top10 (KITA)
    • 2019.09  Seoul Water Startup Contest Grand Prize (Seoul Metro City)
    • 2019.09  ReStartup Contest 300USD Prize (Korea Midland Power)
    • 2019.05  Pitch@Palace People’s Choice Award
    • 2019.05  Future Food Asia Finalist 10
    • 2019.03  Water Innovation Startup Award by The Ministry of Environment
    • 2019.03  D.CAMP x IFC Demoday Winner
  • 2018

    • 2018.12  TIPS-beSUCCESS Silicon Valley Program
    • 2018.11  KAIST best company award
    • 2018.09  Next Unicorn Company (Korea Venture Investment Corp)
    • 2018.08  Imagine H20 Asia Track Finalist (Singapore Water Competition)
    • 2018.06  RESI innovation challenge 2nd Prize (U.S. Biotech Conference)
  • 2017

    • 2017.11  Top 7 Patent (Korean Intellectual property
    • 2017.11  OfficeBeyond TIPs Grand Prize (Korean Ministry of ICT)
    • 2017.09  Hello Tomorrow Global Startup Challenge Top7
    • 2017.07  Hello Tomorrow Korea Startup Challenge Finalist


  • CEO

    Chief executive officer

    YoungDug Kim


    YoungDug Kim

    I am a serial entrepreneur in hardware start-ups. I graduated from KAIST with a Master degree in advanced material engineering (I was a visiting scholar at Lehigh University).
    After graduation, I briefly worked at LG Chemical. With co-workers, I founded a startup called Routejade developing lithium batteries. I made collaborative research with and delivery to global companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony or Ericsson. My greatest achievement was delivering 8 years of surplus in a row to a company suffering from 7 consecutive years of deficit. I made a successful exit after almost 15 years. I was looking for a company to make an investment before I met professor Paul and decided to make another adventure in business.

  • Co-founder


    YongKeun Paul Park


    YongKeun Paul Park

    I am a researcher and a serial entrepreneur who creates business from physics theories. I am Associate Professor of Physics at KAIST. I earned a Ph.D. in Medical Science and Medical Engineering from Harvard-MIT Health Science and Technology. I co-founded two startups (Tomocube and THE.WAVE.TALK with close to 30 employees from my research. The core technology of THE.WAVE.TALK was discovered by a pure accident. It is an interesting story but you’ll have to meet us to find out!