The bacteria-detecting laser can be mounted inside the fridge and uses beams of light to read just how safe the food inside is.

It does this by bouncing the beams off bugs that may be multiplying on the surface of any food.

This impressive technology could be available within a year.

Experts now hope that the machine will be able to reduce cases of food poisoning by letting people know when their food is going off.

According to The Times, the South Korean inventors of the device particularly hope to target the bacteria Campylobacter.

Campylobacter is believed to be existent in almost three quarters of chicken carcasses in Europe and causes over 280,000 cases of food poisoning and 100 deaths in the UK each year.

According to the government, this costs the country approximately a whopping £1billion each year in healthcare as well as lost productivity.

However this new laser system could change all this, and takes 30 scans of the food each second to see what is crawling on its surface.