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WOCH, "Executive order, on Thursday, telling his administration to hurry up and do something about drug-resistant bacteria" 

CNN, "we can't keep up with bacteria. They're going to change much more rapidly..."

CBSN, "All the things that we use to eradicate bacteria and fungal strength in hospital..." 

Bacterial infection has been selected as one of the top ten threats to humanity by the World Health Organization. By 2050, 10 million people are expected to die due to a bacterial infection, which makes bacterial infection more fatal than cancer. A bacterial infection is the cause of various diseases, but the second most common disease from bacterial infection is urinary tract infection (UTI). 

THE.WAVE.TALK developed a new method to find the water-borne bacteria directly from the water. This technology has higher sensitivity in analyzing the concentration directly from the urine sample. Using this method, distinguishing bacteria from other particles in the liquid sample, measuring the live bacteria only, and distinguishing gram-positive and negative bacteria is possible. 

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