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[Mar 04] Newsletter

Follow-ups from U.S trip

THE.WAVE.TALK is selected to participate in Pepsico’s Innovation Program. We expect strong partnership will speed-up development of rapid detection of bacteria.
We are also being introduced to HQ of world-leading beverage company, to have meeting in next trip to Europe!
THE.WAVE.TALK had first conference call with Plug and Play, which is also interested in investment in new water technologies for beverage industries.

Revolution of Semi-conductor/Display Processing

THE.WAVE.TALK provides new solution for semi-conductor/display manufacturing process. THE.WAVE.TALK recently introduced this new solution to “The World Top 10 Semiconductor/Display Manufacturer”. As nano-particles cause product defects, the manufacturing process requires a strict supervision over sterilisation and maintenance. However, current technologies are slow and not sensitive enough. THE.WAVE.TALK can detect 10 bacteria per ml within seconds.

In near future, we will be able to detect several tens of nano-particles within seconds.