[AWARD] “ Minister of Environment Award for Water Industry and Technology”


On March 20, we won the Environment Minister Award in the field of innovative start-ups in the water industry at the “2019 Korea Water Industry Technology Competition” held at EXCO in Daegu.
The Korea Water Industry Technology Competition is a water industry technology competition hosted by the Council for the Development of Water Industry Technology, which consists of 13 water-related organizations, including the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Water Resources Corp., since 2008.
K-water and THE.WAVE.TALK have been relationship since last year. It is the 1st K-water cooperative startup that has announced its name together with domestic and foreign water industry technologies, and more recently in the innovative results of Korea Water Resources THE.WAVE.TALK were cited as examples of excellence. This proves that TWT’s technology is a necessary technology in Korea’s water quality analysis technology.
The technology, which can detect microplastic risks emerging worldwide, foreign substances such as these, as well as invisible microbes, uses the principle of light to detect bacteria and allows them to seep through deep learning.
More if existing bacteria detection time was 24 hours to 5 days.Verification of bacteria can be made within the day through THE.WAVE.TALK sensors. This is more than 1,000 times more sensitive than conventional laser sensors, making it possible to detect them quickly.
The ultimate goal in the future is to utilize this technology to become the “The Startup who saved the most lives on Earth” through rapid and accurate prescription as an In Vitro Diagnostic device as well as a manufacturing plant for Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), bottled water or IV injection tubes.