Real-time Bacteria Detection Sensor

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Bacteria detection sensors developed by The.Wave.Talk are an innovative system that can detect bacteria in real time without sampling. The system utilizes the principle of time reversal mirrors to detect bacteria within 0.1 second and transmit contamination status information to the mobile phone in real time. Therefore, the user can easily check the pollution degree of water in real time, so it is convenient and practical. Bacterial detection sensors, which are widely used, are expected to be applied to water purifiers and humidifiers in the first half of next year. They are actively discussing the supply of products with medical fields such as urine analysis and joint fluids, domestic refineries and food companies.
“The use of TWT sensors developed by The.Wave.Talk is endless. The TWT sensor will be used to supply pure water with no impurities when producing biomethanol as well as beverage and food industry processes. In the future, if the technology that mobile devices and TWT sensors meet will become popular, anyone will be able to easily use the bacteria detection sensor and improve the quality of life. “