Severity of Food Poisoning

600 million people suffer from food poisoning every year. 48 million people in US and 6 thousand people in Korea suffer from food poisoning repeatedly. The beverage market(2.7 trillion dollars) which takes up 42% of the entire food market(6.6 trillion dollars) is exposed to various food poisoning-related problems. Due to the food-related negligent accidents that occur steadily, the food manufacturers have to put up with significantly considerable socioeconomic costs.

The Wave Talk's Solution

The required time has been shortened through introducing the first generation cultivation method, the second generation PCR(molecular diagnosis) and ELICA(immunodiagnosis) and the third generation HACCP. However, not only the cost and time consumption still remain considerable, but also the sampling is limited and experts specializing in microorganism are required.

The Wave Talk demonstrates a ground-breaking cost improvement(1% in comparison to PCR) in a short time(within 1 second) and proposes a method that can be used by non-experts to run the test without sampling.

[ The Wave Talk Sensor’s Significance ]

The Wave Talk developed the “real-time IoT bacterial detection sensor” for the food production system. This sensor is applicable without making modifications to the preexisting production system. Through this sensor, contaminated water can be easily discharged and aseptic water can be produced.

[ Real-time IoT Bacteria Sensor System ]