[Dec 03] Newsletter

12/09/2018 in Notice

Selected KAIST Excellence Companies in 2018

THE.WAVE.TALK was selected as the best KAIST company in 2018. "With this selection, we will be doing business with a greater sense of mission and show it as a good... Read More
11/27/2018 in News Magazine

[Nov 26] Newsletter

Strategies for attracting global investment To enter overseas markets in earnest, THE.WAVE.TALK participated in a global strategy meeting to attract investment.  World's largest portfolio-based crowdfunding platform on this day, As... Read More
11/26/2018 in News Magazine

[Nov 19] Newsletter

2019 HACK Osaka final ! THE.WAVE.TALK have advance to the Hack Osaka 2019 final. It has been selected from 124 startups worldwide to the final 10 companies.  The final will... Read More
11/26/2018 in News Magazine

[Nov 12] Newsletter

Participate in global diagnostic innovation seminar THE.WAVE.TALK attended the Global Diagnostic Innovation Seminar held in Seoul Bio-hub last week. The seminar was talked by Dr. Yiu-Lian, Fong under the theme... Read More