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12/18/2017 in News Magazine

Ending Preventable Newborn Deaths & Stillbirths

Police is investigating four baby deaths who died within 90 minutes of each other in an intensive care ward at South Korea hospital. All babies died from the cardiac arrests... Read More
11/29/2017 in Notice

Grand Prize @ Beyond Tips

The.Wave.Talk just won the grand prize at beyond tips for being the best innovative company of 4th Industrial Revolution. Our happy ceo, YoungDug Kim, gave the groundbreaking solution to bacterial... Read More
11/22/2017 in Notice

MOU with IBM

The.Wave.Talk signed MOU with IBM Korea, the multinational technology company. Together IBM, we will make a consortium with an engineering company and a network company to (1) sense bacterial contamination,... Read More
10/25/2017 in Press

[SBS LifeEconomy] How to keep your health from bacterial infection

420,000 people die of food-borne disease per year. Moreover, 10 million people will die of antimicrobial resistance by 2050. It’s all about bacteria. It is the origin of life and…

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